“Creativity fine-tunes our listening. By focusing our full love and attention on the creativity buried within, we train our awareness to see the Spirit’s subtle stirrings over the waters of that which wants to be created in us….we discern the frequency of our soul’s yearnings and the deeper currents of life.” ~ Karla M. Kincannon

How does creativity fine-tune your awareness?

A work in progress

I was reflecting recently with the youth on spiritual practices and how each time we draw near to God in prayer, worship experience, spiritual reading or writing, daily or weekly reflection add a little torn piece to a slowly emerging mosaic forming the image in which we are created.

How do you look for the image or pattern slowly emerging for you?

Treasure map

I was creating faith treasure maps with the youth the other evening. Some messy fun with paper, tea, coffee, flame and ponderings. What are the openings along the path? What are the stuck or treacherous places?

Who are the people, places, stories, and songs that lead you deeper towards God?

True prayer

“So true prayer demands that we be more passive than active; it requires more silence than words, more adoration than study, more concentration than rushing about, more faith than reason. We must understand thoroughly that true prayer is a gift from heaven to earth…” ~ Carlo Carretto

How do you receive?


“…insights come quickly and suddenly…Endurance asks us to keep the insight in front of us — to think about it, write about it, mull it over, draw it, dance it, talk about it with a close friend — whatever it takes to not let it slide off the table like last night’s dream. And then, only then, after a prolonged time of engagement with the insight, we might witness a new gesture erupting into the world.” ~ Francis Weller, The Wild Edge of Sorrow

What insight are you mulling over?

Messenger of hope

“In order to be effective messengers of hope, we must begin by trusting our inner voice, an inner intuition that speaks into the vast wastelands of our time. This process requires training our imagination to see beyond tribal norms, to see the vista of the wider pastures of culture. …and trust that the Spirit is already at work there.” ~ Makoto Fujimura, Art +Faith

How do you learn to trust your inner voice?