Artist statement

I am a

Spiritual Director

Watercolor Artist


I love the fluidity of watercolor painting–it can be very loose or detailed. I try to capture the peace and spaciousness of nature mostly through landscapes, and at times through whimsical creatures like birds. 

I In the fall of 2016, I enrolled in a watercolor painting class at McGuffey Art Center. Since then watercolor painting has become a way of playing and praying, a form of listening to my inner landscape, and a way of speaking of God’s beauty in the midst of the world’s brokenness.

Inspiration may come from a photo, a reading, or a conversation with a friend. At times, God seems to have a hand on my paintbrush. As God’s spirit hovered over the waters, so it hovers over the painting process as images and colors emerge. Playing and praying…

In my work as artist, undoing racism and as a Spiritual Director, I can see that when we slow down we begin to see the little things, we slowly come to know the world below the surface – within ourselves, within our community and in the world. We begin to see the dead leaves as well as the beautiful flowers. Slowing down and being… playing and praying. These are the spaces in which I am called to dwell, and in which I seek to dwell with others.

Another adventure, illustrating a children’s book.

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