One hat, two hats…

We all wear many hats though usually not all at once. Or do we? When do you lose track which one is on your head? How is the hat you wear an expression of your soul? How does it embody your heart?

Unite the light

How does trauma reverberate within you and through your community five years after the Charlottesville events of August 12? How do you recognize all the creative ways your community has pulled together to take a stance against racism? How do you recommit yourself to continue to work toward beloved community? ~ with gratitude for the …


“If you keep the Sabbath, you start to see creation not as somewhere to get away from your ordinary life, but a place to frame an attentiveness to your life.” ~ Eugene H. Peterson How do you frame attentiveness?


Curiosity leads us towards the things that are just beyond us. Things we do not know or see yet but that have somehow drawn our attention or questions. What are you curious about?


The beauty of summer… different rhythm, no rhythm, same rhythm Or simply summer chaos What is emerging on the horizon?

Rhine river

Watching the boats go up-and-down the Rhine, I notice the markers to keep the boats from running aground. What markers keep you in the deep flow of life?


“Of the little words that come out of the silence, like prayers prayed back to the one who prays, make a poem that does not disturb the silence from which it came.” ~ Wendell Berry


Adapting an idea from Erica Bauermeister, “The problem with imagination is that while we like to think of it like a bird, flying free across an infinite sky, the reality is that it will always be tethered to the branch of what we already know.” Where is your imagination tethered?


“Prayer is a way of life which allows you to find a stillness in the midst of the world where you open your hands to God’s promises, and find hope for yourself.” ~ Henri Nouwen How do you live prayer?


What bends our heart toward adventure? Is the ground already shaking and we balance with slightly bended knees? Do our memories nudge us forward or our desires pull us into journeys? What draws us toward that first step?

Fallow corner

“Let mystery have its place in you; do not be always turning up your whole soil with the plowshare of self-examination, but leave a little fallow corner in your heart ready for any seed the winds may bring, and reserve a nook of shadow for the passing bird; keep a place in your heart for …


“We are fragile creatures, and it is from this weakness, not despite it, that we discover the possibility of true joy.” ~ Archbishop Desmond Tutu How do you find joy in the fragile spaces?


“Wait with your hands opento receive what could never comeexcept to what is emptyand hollow.” ~ Jan Richardson What are your hollow spaces?

The road

“The road seen, then not seen, the hillside hidingthen revealing the way you should take,the road dropping away from you as if leaving youto walk on thin air, then catching you, holding you up,when you thought you would fall, and the way forwardalways in the end the way that you came, the waythat you followed…” …


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