I do not know if these hands will become

Malcolm’s – raised and fisted

or Martin’s – open and asking

or James’s – curled around a pen.

I do not know if these hands will be


or Ruby’s

gently gloved

and fiercely folded

calmly in a lap,

on a desk,

around a book,


to change the world…

Jacqueline Woodson, Brown Girl Dreaming

What story do your hands tell? What do your hands open toward? How will you change the world?

Opening our eyes

“The eye, when it opens, is like the dawn breaking in the night. When it opens a new world is there. … Love is the light in which we see each thing in it’s true origin, nature and destiny. If we could look at the world in a loving way, then the world would rise up before us full of invitations, possibility and depth.” John O’Donohue, Anam Cara

What do your eyes see? What invitations, possibilities and depth are you waking up to?


As the sun rises at dawn, we awaken to the new day. The emerging light fills us with gratitude for another day that brings new beginnings and possibilities.

What are you grateful for?


In Genesis 18, Abraham and Sarah receive three visitors with generous hospitality. Both, the three visitors as well as Abraham and Sarah are cared for. The Psalmist asks in Psalm 78:19 “Can God really spread a table in the wilderness?”. Hospitality is shaped by culture, values and faith.

What does hospitality look like these days when we cannot host each other in the ways we are used to? What creative ways to extend hospitality have you seen or come up with?