On the road

I bless the gift

of refuge

that was not only a refuge

but a place from which

to watch the horizon,

to face the far distance

and dream anew

of the life that might

draw near. ~ Jan Richardson

Where is your place of refuge?

Traffic jam

The other day, a one hour commute turned into a much longer journey when I ended up sitting on the interstate for two and a half hours due to an accident up ahead. I had been longing for breathing space but not like this.

What makes space spacious?

Ordinary particles

All those days

you felt like dust,

like dirt,

as if all you had to do

was turn your face

toward the wind

and be scattered

to the four corners


or swept away

by the smallest breath

as insubstantial—


did you not know

what the Holy One

can do with dust? ~ Jan Richardson