Infinitely loved

“You need something more to comfort you in brokenness when the pain is tall around you, to remind you that even here, you are infinitely loved. ~ Morgan Harper Nichols

What are the signs that speak comfort to you?

Pied piper

“What I saw was the power of a flutist to move a town, address an evil, and bring the powerful to accountability. Without any visible power or even prestige, much less a violent weapon, a flutist transformed a whole community.“ ~ John Paul Lederach, The Moral Imagination

How do you use creativity or art to transform your community?


Into a world which needed you
My wish for you
Is that you continue


To be who and how you are
To astonish a mean world
With your acts of kindness


To dare to love deeply
And risk everything
For the good thing


~ excerpts from Maya Angelou Poem

Where do you need to hear “continue”?

No shallow pool

Your story is not just a shallow pool collecting a little rain here and there from what maybe-could’ve-should’ve been. Your story is a sea, weighted with mystery, and wave after wave it reveals more and more, no matter the opportunities you missed or left behind on the shore. ~Morgan Harper Nichols

What does it reveal to you?


The Hebrew word anavah is usually translated as “humility,” a word we struggle with. What it conveys is to occupy your God-given space in the world—to not take up too much or too little. Thus we don’t squish anyone or force others to fill our space.

What would it look like to simply occupy the space that is yours? No more, no less.