Reservoir, canal, swamp III

“Are you a Reservoir, canal or swamp?” Howard Thurman asked. A swamp is alive yet water only comes in with no place to flow out. It is a space where things keep coming, where they go stale or rot or die.

What area in your life is like a swamp?

Reservoir, canal, swamp II

“Are you a reservoir, canal or swamp?” Howard Thurman asked. A canal channels water which flows straight from one place to another. It is a transitional space, a connecting link.

How are you a flowing connection?

Art making

“The process of art-making or prayer becomes a journey of discovery, where we open ourselves to what is being revealed moment by moment, rather than what we hope or expect to see.” ~ Christine Valters Paintner

What is your journey of discovery?

Reservoir, canal, swamp I

Are you a reservoir, canal or swamp? Howard Thurman asks. A reservoir holds water. It stores it to be on hand when needed. It is a resource of abundance to be shared. It comes with openings for in-flowing and out-flowing.

What abundance do you store and share?


This quieting is the letting go of structures, the letting go of techniques, the letting go of all the ways that we attempt to control the situation, all of the ways we try to manipulate God. That’s the type of quieting that needs to happen here: quieting my instinct to control things; quieting my desire for the familiar, my desire to always trod the familiar paths and not to risk the unknown. ~ Thomas Green, Experiencing God

How do you let go in prayer?