Sometimes it takes new surroundings to notice the emergence of new life whether in nature, relationships, or other situations. Sometimes it takes simply slowing down, paying attention or moving towards gratitude.

Where do you notice new life emerging?

Torn map


by mistake

She tore a map

in half.

She taped it back

but crookedly.

Now all the roads

ended in water.

There were mountains

right next to her hometown.

Wouldn’t that be nice

if it were true?

I’d tear a map

and be right next

to you. ~ Naomi Shihab Nye

How would you tear a map?

On Friday…

The earth quaked, the sky darkened…”eloi, eloi, lema sabachthani” and none of it made sense anymore…the end?! Or a beginning?!

How do you wait in the darkness?

On Thursday…

On Thursday they gathered one last time at the table, sharing the bread and the cup with stories of travels and encounters, of boats and garden, of oil and shekels…stories of freedom. Then, a whirlwind of activity and Jesus fell silent …remember me…

How do you remember the journey? Your journey?