A song rises

Out of the heart

The song rises,

The mind searching

For notes

To capture

its flight. ~ Murray Bodo O.F.M.

What song rises within you?

Just feel

“If I really wanted to pray I’ll tell you what I’d do. I’d go out into a great big field all alone or in the deep, deep woods and I’d look up into the sky —up—up—up—into that lovely blue sky that looks as if there was no end to its blueness. And then I’d just feel a prayer. ~ L.M.Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Where do you feel prayer?


In waiting we begin to get in with the rhythms of life — stillness and action, listening and decision. They are the rhythms of God. It is in the everyday and the commonplace that we learn patience, acceptance, and contentment. ~ Richard Foster

How does rhythm emerge in your waiting?