Heart sing

The morning awakens,

day stretching out to the horizon,

blue sky with sun rising,

solid ground beneath the feet

and birds singing in grateful awakening.

What makes your heart sing?

Hope has holes

Hope has holes

in it’s pockets.

It leaves little crumb trail,

so that we,

when anxious,

can follow it.

Hope’s secret:

It doesn’t know

the destination —

it knows only

that all roads

begin with one

foot in front

of the other. ~ Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer


“Here on the river I have known peace and beauty such as I never knew in any other place. There is always work here that I need to be doing and I have many worries, for life on the edge seems always threatening to go over the edge. But I am always surprised, when I look back on times here that I know to have been laborious or worrisome or sad, to discover that they were never out of the presence of peace and beauty, for here I have been always in the world itself.” ~ Wendell Berry

Where do you find peace and beauty on the edge?

Around the bend

Hiking an unfamiliar trail we need to let go of the myth that we are in control of what happens. We don’t know what’s around the next bend; steep inclines or sudden drops, a snake curled up in the sun or a bear with cub crossing the trail, a gnarly old tree or a bubbling creek, the sweetness of wild blackberries or the colors of wildflowers.

How do we keep trusting when the trail bends into the unknown?

To journey…

“To journey without being changed is to be a nomad. To change without journeying is to be a chameleon. To journey and be transformed by the journey is to be a pilgrim”. ~ Mark Nepo

How do you journey?


“We think of [beauty] in opposition to narrowness, scarcity, drudgery, and constraint. We think instead of what is expansive, generous, abundant, connected, and expressive. Beauty also connects us with the why of living. It points to discoveries waiting to be made about the creation. It points toward questions of right relationships, of ultimate meaning, and even of eternity. It points backward and outward and forward to our ultimate Source and Sustainer.” ~ Makoto Fujimura

What discoveries are waiting for you?