“…if our days were routinely sun-filled, peaceful, tranquil, predictable, without conflict, their very serenity would soon seem flat, humdrum, and stale. God allows his brilliance to be highlighted by shadow and his summer warmth to be contrasted with winter chill so that we will know the difference and appreciate the light and warmth. There is purpose in the divine chiaroscuro.” ~ Luci Shaw

How does the light come?

Tending to the moments

“both art and spirituality are about tending to the moments of life: listening deeply, holding space, encountering the sacred, and touching eternity.” ~ Christine Valters Painters

What art form helps you tend to life’s moments?

From beneath

“There is a quiet courage that comes from an inward spring of confidence in the meaning and significance of life. Such courage is an underground river, flowing far beneath the shifting events of one’s experience, keeping alive a thousand little springs of action.” ~ Howard Thurman

How does your inner spring bubble up?


This is the map

that begins with a star. …

Look starward once,

then look away.

Close your eyes

and see how the map

begins to blossom

behind your lids, … ~ Jan Richardson

What emerges?