On the pulse of morning

“…History, despite its wrenching pain
Cannot be unlived, but if faced
With courage, need not be lived again.

Lift up your eyes upon
This day breaking for you.
Give birth again
To the dream. …” ~ Maya Angelou, On the pulse of morning

Spend some time gazing at the image. What draws your eyes? What memories or feelings does it evoke? What is your dream?

Identity journey

Identity does not come to us without journey, because to learn who we are means we face difficult truths in our own lives and imagine what life might look like as those truths work themselves out inside of us.” ~ Kaitlyn B. Curtice, Native

Who are you?


Makoto Fujimura in his book Art+Faith shifts thinking of authority to author-ity. Making and mastering materials requires the expression of author-ity and the reflection of God, the ultimate author. “Such an Author can make new all things, and in doing so can make brokenness shine in new ways.”

What shift takes place within you with author-ity?


“…insights come quickly and suddenly…Endurance asks us to keep the insight in front of us — to think about it, write about it, mull it over, draw it, dance it, talk about it with a close friend — whatever it takes to not let it slide off the table like last night’s dream. And then, only then, after a prolonged time of engagement with the insight, we might witness a new gesture erupting into the world.” ~ Francis Weller, The Wild Edge of Sorrow

What insight are you mulling over?


“There is a time for stillness, for waiting for Christ as he makes his dancing way toward us. And there is a time to be in motion, to set out on a path, knowing that although God is everywhere, and always with us, we sometimes need a journey in order to meet God—and ourselves—anew.” ~ Jan Richardson, The Painted Prayerbook

What time is it?