April showers

The peacefulness of spring rain, the warmth of the sun making its way higher in the sky, the earth softening with seeds stirring in its depth, life emerging, yet still hidden.

How do you take notice?

Beyond the world of fires

“Thus the ability to step back is not inaction but an invitation into a different kind of action — a different way of seeing and thus engaging the world around us. Stepping back, therefore, is not a retreat from the world of brokenness but an invitation to receive God’s imagination for the world.” ~ Emmanuel Katongole, Reconciling all things

How do you into a new vision?


“ A lot of unimportant inner litter and bits and pieces have to be swept out first….So let this be the aim…to turn one’s innermost being into a vast empty plain, with none of that treacherous undergrowth to impede the view. So that something of “God” can enter you, and something of “Love”, too…the love you can apply to small, everyday things.” ~ Etty Hillesum

How do you create inner empty plains?


William Dyrness has noted, “Artists, after all, think with their hands and their fingertips, with their eyes and their ears, usually in ways they cannot articulate in words.”

What does the daffodil speak of?


“There is no liberation on earth like knowing that one is of no consequence. It sets the heart suddenly free from a thousand shackles.”~ Katherine Trevelyan, Fool in Love

How free are you?

Soul land

“To get to an unknown land by unknown roads, a traveler cannot allow himself to be guided by his old experience. He has to doubt himself and seek the guidance of others. There is no way he can reach the new territory and know it truly unless he abandons familiar roads”. ~ John of the Cross, Dark Night of the Soul

How do you travel?