On Wednesday…

On Wednesday anointing oil spilled over in abundance. A woman is bringing a respite from the darkness of this week…a powerful blessing, a sign of extravagant love, the pouring out of the Spirit.

Where do you experience that anointing in your life?

On Tuesday…

On Tuesday, Jesus was attacked with questions of why and how and what and when and who. Those asking knew the answers already. They were looking for a fight not a change of heart.

What questions lead towards a change of heart?

On Monday…

On Monday, Jesus overturned the tables and disrupted the economy of temple business and made space for those who needed healing.

How does religion get in the way of healing and prayer?


“…when we acknowledge the gratuitous nature of life—not least the world’s inordinately diverse beauty—gratitude galvanizes us to ask and welcome questions that reach beyond our own context and experience. Artists at their best help us with such questions by presenting an expansive vision of life that reveals beauty in ever-wider zones.” ~ Makoto Fujimura

How are you led to questions that reach beyond?

Journey to hope

The path of hope is often long and rarely straight. Hope emerges from the darkest moments of grief and loss with unexpected twists and turns while urging us toward the light.

How do you move toward hope?

Around the bend

Rituals arise from the land, surfacing through the bedrock and the soil, and enter the imagination of the people that live there… as a means of attuning ourselves with one another, to the land and the invisible world of spirit. ~ Francis Weller, The Wild Edge of Sorrow

How do you enter healing grounds?