Walking relaxed

“Walking in a relaxed manner” is a phrase from Joyce Rupp’s book on walking the Camino de Santiago. What does it mean to walk in a relaxed manner? To live our days in a relaxed manner in the midst of the strain of expectations, desires, aspirations, upheavals, triggers, things to do and places to go.

How do you set your feet into a spacious place (Psalm 31:8)?


Sometimes we sit at a threshold, waiting for light or watching for the next step or a path to open up. Or simply to rest for a moment. Sit on the bench awhile — rest, watch, wait.

What emerges as you rest? What are you bringing to the threshold?

Living into abundance

“Artists already live in the abundance of God. … They hear the “music of the spheres” and desire to respond; they see a vista beyond the world of gray utility; they desire to paint in color; they dance to a tune of the Maker who leads us beyond restoration into the New World to come. God does not just mend, repair, and restore; God renews and generates, transcending our expectations of even what we desire, beyond what we dare to ask or imagine.” ~ Makoto Fujimura, Art + Faith

How do you live into the abundance of God?

Strange hope

“Hope as I am using the term refers to commitment to the strangeness of the future — a future that is uncertain, fragile, carefully negotiated, and often wrenched, strained and disfigured through suffering, yet it is situated in the narrow space of transcendence, like the element of surprise in the narrative, the imagined possibility that brings resolution and redemption to the tragic and ironic, only to be upended and returned again to the struggle. ~ Walter Earl Fluker, The ground has shifted

Hope…how do you use the term?


“Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.” ~ Maya Angelou

How do you detach for awhile?