Sunsets draw us. Is it their quiet beauty? Their stunning colors? Their peacefulness? Their promise of rest at the end of the day? The permission to let go as the sun dips below the horizon? A spaciousness to breathe and be rejuvenated?

How do sunsets draw you?


Someone had built a cairn at the beach. Cairns have been around for a long time, sometimes they are used to mark a trail, at other times they are placed as a memorial marker. Sometimes we yearn for some direction, a path to reveal itself. At other times we need to mark a point in our journey to remember, celebrate, grieve or simply to stop and rest.

What points in your journey have you marked or long to mark? What direction do you seek?

The web of life

Pelicans gliding and diving, dolphins swimming up and down the coast, sandpipers pecking at water’s edge, crabs appearing in and out of holes, sea turtles tracks marking night time journeys. The web of ocean and beaches abundant life if we but open our eyes.

What does the web of life hold in your surroundings?


On day two of creation God separated earth and sky, creating a horizon. Horizons beckon us beyond ourselves toward a vision. Though visible they stay just beyond our reach, thus beckoning us onward in our journey while staying present to where we are.

What horizon is beckoning you? What imagination does it take for this journey?


Augustin once described the lifesaving quality of beauty as “a plank amidst the waves of the sea”.

What does lifesaving beauty look like? What images come to your mind? How is beauty lifesaving?