Morning prayer

Joining with God’s work
hands and heart unfolding
I saw it was good

How do we stay heart centered in our work? What work leaves you feeling good in body and spirit?


As the sun rises at dawn, we awaken to the new day. The emerging light fills us with gratitude for another day that brings new beginnings and possibilities.

What are you grateful for?


What does it mean to be a person of prayer?

The hours of prayer in the monastic tradition begin with Vigils between midnight and dawn. We awaken to join where God is already at work. We watch, we wait in the dark like a seed in the ground, a child in the womb, an owl on a branch.

How does your prayer begin? How do you look for and join what God is already doing?

Simple Prayer

Be still and know that I am God.

What happens when we become still in the midst of the wilderness of this current world? What happens when we sit still in the swirlings of the events of these months? What happens when we listen to our hearts and for the heart of God?

What do you hear in the silence?