Map making

“I like to look at maps, especially the really old ones. The ones made by people who understood mapmaking as an art. The ones made before all the corners of the earth had been charted, and adventurous souls approaching the boundaries of the known world were warned by the cartographer’s hand, ‘Beyond here be dragons.’” Jan Richardson in Night Visions

What mapmaking do we engage in these days?


Sunday, June 7, 7:00 to ~7:30 pm, Live Streamed on Youtube.
The Charlottesville Clergy Collective invites you to “A Service Mourning the Deaths from COVID-19 and Racism.” This service names the dual diseases of COVID-19 and racism that are ravaging our country and our world. It also calls us to respond. Please mark your calendars and join us for this service.

Who is the God I worship?

The faith that moves mountains counts on the impossible and knows how to read the signs of the times that announce the possibility of a new tune instead of the old refrain. Eboussi Boulaga, Cameroonian Philosopher

What new tunes are you discovering?


God’s people spent much of their transforming journey in the wilderness. Sometimes that outer landscape is reflected within us. At other times we can find rest in our soul in the midst of the upheavals around us.

What does your inner landscape look like these days?


“Movement forward, movement towards God and one another requires that we examine our most difficult questions, our most painful stories and the ways in which we shield ourselves from living fully in the attempt to protect ourselves from pain or suffering”  Shawna Bowman

What are the questions and stories that are most difficult? What are the hidden wounds that keep us from living fully?

Settling our body

“Gather together a large group of unsettled bodies – or assemble a group of bodies and then unsettle them – and you get a mob or a riot. But bring a large group of settled bodies together and you have a potential movement – and a potential force for tremendous good in the world. A calm, settled body is the foundation for health, for healing, for helping others, and for changing the world. ” Resmaa Menakem, My Grandmother’s Hands

How do we settle ourselves in these unsettled times?