We do not long remember those artists who followed the rules more diligently than anyone else. We remember those who made the art from which “the rules” inevitably followed. ~ Art & Fear

Who do you remember? What new spaces did they open up?

Catching the light

Describe the greatest and most memorable, joyful moments from last year. How did you feel? Who was there with you? What were you doing? What smells, sounds or tastes do you remember?

What dreams does it invite for the new year?

If you are looking for some creative reflections at the beginning of this year check out the free YearCompass at

Edge of glory

What a waste it is to be surrounded by heaven, by a sky ‘made [brilliant] by Angels wings’ and to be unaware of it. Perhaps the first step is that we really should want to unearth God in our midst… [to] let the mundane become the edge of glory, and find the extraordinary in the ordinary.“ ~ Esther De Waal

How do you look for possibility not perfection?


“The challenge of trauma is the challenge of witnessing to a phenomenon that exceeds the categories by which we make sense of the world.” ~ Shelly Rambo

How do you enter that challenge?