One step

“The laborers in the Lord’s vineyard should have one foot on the ground, and the other raised to proceed on their journey.” ~ St. Ignatius of Loyola

Where are your feet?

Heart sing

The morning awakens,

day stretching out to the horizon,

blue sky with sun rising,

solid ground beneath the feet

and birds singing in grateful awakening.

What makes your heart sing?

Open Spaces

The sky is the limit as birds travel the world. An inner GPS system, electromagnetic capabilities, smells or sights, birds find their way unerringly in these wide open spaces. Maybe a birds eye view helps. Much of our lives lack these open space journeys in the frenetic pace of our days that leave us feeling spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically weary and worn.

What inner system guides you into open spaces?

Wondering eyes

On a recent morning I was enjoying my coffee on the porch when I noticed a tree across the street. Forsythia was done blooming, what yellow blooming tree could this be? No tree I discovered as the yellow dots flew away two by two — eight goldfinches!

With what splash of color has nature caught you by surprise?


I love watching the pelicans glide over the surface and waves of the ocean. They know how to take advantage of the ‘ground effect’, seemingly effortless and fully alive.

How do you glide into fully alive?

Sandhill cranes

These Sandhill cranes sometimes peck at the window as if they want to be invited in. I wonder what stories they could tell, carried through migration, fluctuating with the seasons and the tides, and across the threshold into God’s imagination.

What stories accompany you? What stories want to be invited in?