Gazing wide

“God is present in the details of the everyday but is also visible when we pull back and take a wider gaze upon our lives and pay attention to the patterns and ways things have been woven together.”

Christine Valters Paintner, With eyes of heart

What weavings do you discover?


Clouds and fog,

drifting, settling

blanket like over the landscape,

wrapping the world

into a cocoon of God’s presence

We slow down and take one step at a time

as the path slowly reveals itself to us.

How does fog settle and unsettle you?

And the people imagine…

Imagination is the ability to see beyond what is and sense the almost imperceptible gentle breezes of the spirit. The artist sees a painting where there is only an empty canvas, a sculpture where there is only a stone. The prophet imagines a world not yet visible, naming truth to live into God’s fullness.

How do you develop your imagination? What do you imagine?

Beauty is Oxygen

I inhaled deeply when I heard Bruce Long say “Beauty is Oxygen”. The coronavirus is taking our breath away, literally and figuratively. Do I wonder why I paint when people are dying? What helps us catch our breath these days? How do we breathe deeply the breath of God?

What is the role of beauty?

Breathing deeply

I am from Κοβρος – (Cyprus)

stepping off the plane – 

breathing deeply… letting go

ocean blue nourishing the soul

Lebanese Cheese pies in the Ayia Napa Monastery

resting, belonging, connecting

laughter, food, friends

nourishing, sustaining, renewing

What refreshes your soul? When or where do you breathe deeply?