“I want to touch you deeply, beneath the surface where our real stories lie. Touch you where the fragments of our being are, where the sediment of things that shaped us forms the verdant delta of our human story” ~ Richard Wagamese

What sediment do you find?

Reservoir, canal, swamp II

“Are you a reservoir, canal or swamp?” Howard Thurman asked. A canal channels water which flows straight from one place to another. It is a transitional space, a connecting link.

How are you a flowing connection?

Torn map


by mistake

She tore a map

in half.

She taped it back

but crookedly.

Now all the roads

ended in water.

There were mountains

right next to her hometown.

Wouldn’t that be nice

if it were true?

I’d tear a map

and be right next

to you. ~ Naomi Shihab Nye

How would you tear a map?

Know who

“What exactly does it mean to have a relationship-centric approach to constructive social change? I have come to believe that the answer lies with how we approach and understand relational spaces in a given geography, the fabric of human community broadly defined as the crisscrossing connections of people, their lives, activities, organizational modalities, and even patterns of conflict.” ~ John Paul Lederach, Moral Imagination

What are the “who” connections in your geography?