“…through the fissures of our broken journeys, with pieces of our own hearts shattered on the ground, we journey by God’s grace into the New Creation. God sees beyond our shattered remains. He picks them up and sings a song over us.” ~ Makoto Fujimura

Do you hear the music?

New light

When things get so messy, strange or tense that I can’t find a way through, maybe playing with different colors will open up a path or spark an idea.

Where do you need to playfully find new openings?


At some point in life’s adventure we all struggle. It’s the tussle between the shadow and the daylight moments of the soul, forcing us to dig deep to open a new path.

What is stretching your soul at the moment?

Clean pain

I have been pondering Resmaa Menakem’s concept of clean and dirty pain. “Paradoxically only by walking into our pain or discomfort- experiencing it, moving through it, and metabolizing it – can we grow.” ~ My Grandmother’s Hands

Where are your growing edges?