As Shakespeare put it in a Midsummer’s Night Dream, “imagination bodies forth the form of things unknown”.

How do you explore the not yet?


Makoto Fujimura in his book Art+Faith shifts thinking of authority to author-ity. Making and mastering materials requires the expression of author-ity and the reflection of God, the ultimate author. “Such an Author can make new all things, and in doing so can make brokenness shine in new ways.”

What shift takes place within you with author-ity?

Creative Intuition

“In order to be effective messengers of hope, we must begin by trusting our inner voice, an inner intuition that speaks into the vast wastelands of our time. …part of experiencing the presence of God in our lives is appreciating the importance of our creative intuition and trusting that the Spirit is already at work there, often working in between established zones of culture.” ~ Makoto Fujimura, Art + Faith

Where do you draw upon your creative intuition?

Art making

“The process of art-making or prayer becomes a journey of discovery, where we open ourselves to what is being revealed moment by moment, rather than what we hope or expect to see.” ~ Christine Valters Paintner

What is your journey of discovery?

Make or let happen

Creativity is a mix of making something happen and letting something happen. One is still, the other active, one is waiting and listening, the other probing and moving.

How does your creativity emerge in that tension?