Lighting up

“When we look at the dreams that light up our heart,we grow the picture they paint as a go-to place.Then we say, ‘But it isn’t possible.’ We say, ‘That’s not my life.’ We say, ‘That’s just what I’d LIKE to happen, not what’s possible.’The dream should not die, just because I lack the power to make it possible. I need to identify other people who carry the same overwhelming vision, or whose heart-desires overlap with my own.” ~ Andy Raine, Northumbria

What can you do together?

Dwelling with the word

I am from AMBS

dwelling within the word

a seminary, a community, 

spiritual friends searching together

sunshine under cloudy Indiana skies

empowered, nudged and commissioned

Who has empowered you?

AMBS is Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana.