“…and I stood there watching stream after engulfing stream plunge itself over the cliff above into the pool below. I imagined the steady engulfing power of mystery that breaks through our hardened places to destroy the roots of corruption in us. I watched, and the water would not relent.” ~ Kaitlin B. Curtice, Native

How do you stand in the steady engulfing power of mystery?

The forgotten things

“In art we are once again able to do all the things we have forgotten; we are able to walk on water; we speak to the angels who call us; we move, unfettered, among the stars. We write, we make music, we draw pictures, because we are listening for meaning, feeling for healing.” ~ Madeleine L’Engle, Walking on Water

How do you listen for meaning? Feel for healing?

That is the time

“That is precisely the time when artists go to work — not when everything is fine, but in times of dread… We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal. I know the world is bruised and bleeding, and though it is important not to ignore its pain, it is also critical to refuse to succumb to its malevolence.” ~ Toni Morrison

How do you participate?

Watering the story

“I hope you will go out and let stories, that is life, happen to you, and that you will work with these stories…water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom.” ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés

What stories do you water?


Bushwhacking is hiking through an area where no path exists forgoing the well-worn trail. We might trip over hidden tree roots, move through invisible poison ivy or step on hidden snakes. The cost of short cutting might not reveal itself until later.

Where are you tempted to take shortcuts?