Ghost Hunters

“If the Ghost Hunters snuck up behind me as I was trying to write, they might see a universe of slave liberators, political agitators, Baptist preachers, exuberant orators, beloved writers and incomparable musicians – so many musicians – arrayed around me all in chorus, urging and cajoling and daring me to somehow dig a little deeper. ~ Touré

Who is daring you to dig deeper?

Forget or remember?

“While some nations vow never to forget, our American battle has always been over what we allow ourselves to remember.… The distinction between equity and injustice, riot and uprising, hinges on whose hand holds the pen. So often, it seems, our history is hiding from us, preventing the possibility that we do look back and tell the truth —afraid of what doing so may require of us now.” ~ Wesley Lowery in 400 Souls

What does our past require of us?