“What is our life on earth, if not discovering, becoming conscious of, penetrating, contemplating, accepting, loving this mystery of God’s, the unique reality which surrounds us, and in which we are immersed like meteorites in space? “In God we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28).” ~ Carlo Carretto, Letters from the desert

What are your doorways into God’s mystery?

Through tree branches

Fall leaves turning and drifting to the ground, opening up spaces for new vistas. Cooler air bringing out new blues in the sky mixed with grey days that brighten the brilliance of the red and yellow, orange and burgundy colored leaves.

What is opening up for you as the leaves fall?


The disert place of retreat was set up to discover the edge of glory, to experience the beyond that is in our midst. ‘Diserts’ are set up not to run away from what is going on but to experience in greater depth the reality that is about them. ~ David Adam, Border Lands

Where do you discover the edge of glory?


“Artists are notorious for doing work that the world initially rejects but that later—sometimes centuries later—the world embraces as hidden treasure. The poems of Emily Dickinson, the paintings of Vincent van Gogh, the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, all were “discovered” later and now are essential to our culture. Could it be that what is deemed marginal, what is “useless” in our terms, is most essential for God and is the bedrock, the essence, of our culture?” ~ Makoto Fujimura