“What is our life on earth, if not discovering, becoming conscious of, penetrating, contemplating, accepting, loving this mystery of God’s, the unique reality which surrounds us, and in which we are immersed like meteorites in space? “In God we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28).” ~ Carlo Carretto, Letters from the desert

What are your doorways into God’s mystery?


Grief is,…, a powerful form of soul activism. If we refuse or neglect the responsibility for drinking the tears of the world, her losses cease to be registered by the ones meant to be the receptors of that information. ~ Francis Weller, The Wild Edge of Sorrow

What grief activates your soul?


Hope is an orientation of the Spirit,

an orientation of the heart.

It transcends

The world that is immediately experienced

And is anchored somewhere beyond the horizons. ~ Václav Havel

How do you orient toward hope?

Open wound

Trauma is an open wound. For those who survive trauma, the experience of trauma can be likened to a death. But the reality is that death has not ended; instead, it persists. The experience of survival is one in which life, as it once was, cannot be retrieved. However, the promise of life ahead cannot be envisioned.” ~ Shelly Rambo

Where do you hold or see open wounds?


In order to be effective messengers of hope, we must begin by trusting our inner voice, an inner intuition that speaks into the vast wastelands of our time. ~ Makoto Fujimura

What does your intuition see beyond the wasteland?