On Thursday…

On Thursday they gathered one last time at the table, sharing the bread and the cup with stories of travels and encounters, of boats and garden, of oil and shekels…stories of freedom. Then, a whirlwind of activity and Jesus fell silent …remember me…

How do you remember the journey? Your journey?

On Wednesday…

On Wednesday anointing oil spilled over in abundance. A woman is bringing a respite from the darkness of this week…a powerful blessing, a sign of extravagant love, the pouring out of the Spirit.

Where do you experience that anointing in your life?

On Monday…

On Monday, Jesus overturned the tables and disrupted the economy of temple business and made space for those who needed healing.

How does religion get in the way of healing and prayer?


Beauty is all around us, yet so much passes us by because we are too busy, too worried, too tired. Just a few moments settled in our favorite spot can restore us wether we hold a cup of coffee/tea, wrap a colorful quilt around us or feel the warmth of the sun.

What moments restore you?


“Indeed, it is as though Christianity, wherever it went in the modern colonies, inverted its sense of hospitality. It claimed to be the host, the owner of the spaces it entered, and demanded native people enter its cultural logics, its ways of being in the world and its conceptualities.” ~ Willie James Jennings

What does true hospitality look like?

Know who

“What exactly does it mean to have a relationship-centric approach to constructive social change? I have come to believe that the answer lies with how we approach and understand relational spaces in a given geography, the fabric of human community broadly defined as the crisscrossing connections of people, their lives, activities, organizational modalities, and even patterns of conflict.” ~ John Paul Lederach, Moral Imagination

What are the “who” connections in your geography?