A pilgrimage is an intentional journey into this experience of unknowing and discomfort for the sake of stripping away preconceived expectations. We grow closer to God beyond our own imagination and ideas. ~ Christine Valters Paintner

What is stripped away?

Hope has holes

Hope has holes

in it’s pockets.

It leaves little crumb trail,

so that we,

when anxious,

can follow it.

Hope’s secret:

It doesn’t know

the destination —

it knows only

that all roads

begin with one

foot in front

of the other. ~ Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Cum panis

When the journey seems endless, we need sustenance. This can take many forms and during this pandemic requires ingenuity. Companion comes from “cum panis”, with bread. We are nourished as we break bread together.

What feeds you on your journey? How do you nurture one another?