Advent sky

I have been wondering about an advent sky. Would it be the first sliver of light that comes to those sitting in darkness? Or would it be the guiding star? Or is it more like a stormy cloud on the horizon for what else does “fear not” mean when the good news always upsets the ordered lives of those receiving it.

What are you looking for in the advent sky?


“The gift of light — enlightenment, delight, lightness — comes when we tap the places of hope and faith inside us.” ~ Sue Monk Kidd, When the heart waits

How does the light come?


“…if our days were routinely sun-filled, peaceful, tranquil, predictable, without conflict, their very serenity would soon seem flat, humdrum, and stale. God allows his brilliance to be highlighted by shadow and his summer warmth to be contrasted with winter chill so that we will know the difference and appreciate the light and warmth. There is purpose in the divine chiaroscuro.” ~ Luci Shaw

How does the light come?

Advent 2

“In this strange season when we are suspended between realization and expectation, may we be found honest about the darkness, more perceptive of the light.” ~ Jack Boozer


“It’s important to note that God does not obliterate the darkness; rather, God names it and limits it—puts boundaries on it. The boundary is the light.” ~ Lisa Sharon Harper

How do you notice boundaries?