This is the map

that begins with a star. …

Look starward once,

then look away.

Close your eyes

and see how the map

begins to blossom

behind your lids, … ~ Jan Richardson

What emerges?

Hiking uncharted territory

A hike on a familiar trail is comfortable. We know the twists and turns, the views and resting spots. These days, we find ourselves in unknown territory. It is harder to find our way. We do not clearly see the terrain ahead nor do we really have a map. (Did you recognize this map of Charlottesville?!)

How do you navigate the unknown terrain of our current times? What new paths are you discovering?

Map making

“I like to look at maps, especially the really old ones. The ones made by people who understood mapmaking as an art. The ones made before all the corners of the earth had been charted, and adventurous souls approaching the boundaries of the known world were warned by the cartographer’s hand, ‘Beyond here be dragons.’” Jan Richardson in Night Visions

What mapmaking do we engage in these days?