Augustin once described the lifesaving quality of beauty as “a plank amidst the waves of the sea”.

What does lifesaving beauty look like? What images come to your mind? How is beauty lifesaving?

Ordinary beauty

Something as ordinary as a sun-umbrella, it’s beauty suddenly before my eyes brightens my view of my surroundings. It arrives unexpected, sacred and ordinary.

Where do you notice the beauty of God in both the vastness of the horizon and the ordinary particular?


Blue skies and white clouds

Beneath endless horizon

I watch dolphins play

Where do you notice the playfulness of God? How do you join God’s playfulness? What are your ways of being playful?

Breathing deeply

I am from Κοβρος – (Cyprus)

stepping off the plane – 

breathing deeply… letting go

ocean blue nourishing the soul

Lebanese Cheese pies in the Ayia Napa Monastery

resting, belonging, connecting

laughter, food, friends

nourishing, sustaining, renewing

What refreshes your soul? When or where do you breathe deeply?