Puddles, ponds, lakes, rivers, ocean – each unique in its shape and rhythm…ebb and flow, rapid or meandering, clear or rippling, still and reflective or with an invitation to splash.

What water are you drawn to?


“Here on the river I have known peace and beauty such as I never knew in any other place. There is always work here that I need to be doing and I have many worries, for life on the edge seems always threatening to go over the edge. But I am always surprised, when I look back on times here that I know to have been laborious or worrisome or sad, to discover that they were never out of the presence of peace and beauty, for here I have been always in the world itself.” ~ Wendell Berry

Where do you find peace and beauty on the edge?


In waiting we begin to get in with the rhythms of life — stillness and action, listening and decision. They are the rhythms of God. It is in the everyday and the commonplace that we learn patience, acceptance, and contentment. ~ Richard Foster

How does rhythm emerge in your waiting?


A world without a sabbath would be like a [person] without a smile, a summer without flowers, a homestead without a garden. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

How would you describe a world without sabbath?