“Six days a week, we wrestle with the world, wringing profit from the earth; on the Sabbath we especially care for the seed of eternity planted in the soul.“ ~ Abraham Joshua Heschel


“Naming is one of the impulses behind all art; to give a name to the cosmos, we see despite all the chaos. It is … through the world of the imagination which takes us beyond the restrictions of provable fact, that we touch the hem of truth.” ~ Madeleine L’Engle

Have you touched the hem lately?

A work in progress

I was reflecting recently with the youth on spiritual practices and how each time we draw near to God in prayer, worship experience, spiritual reading or writing, daily or weekly reflection add a little torn piece to a slowly emerging mosaic forming the image in which we are created.

How do you look for the image or pattern slowly emerging for you?


As I understand it, the Chinese language creates words with pictures. The word leisure combines “space” and “sunshine”, busyness is painted from “heart” and “killing”. I recently took a retreat at a cabin inviting me to be with “sitting” and “creek”.

What are the words that shape your sabbath spaces?


Where are we? Where to next? How do we get there? … Any pondering of the first question immediately demands an exploration of where we have come from because the past has left it’s signature on the present. Ruminating …is an important part of understanding… ~ Evelyn Woodward

Where are the spaces to ruminate on past, present and future?

True prayer

“So true prayer demands that we be more passive than active; it requires more silence than words, more adoration than study, more concentration than rushing about, more faith than reason. We must understand thoroughly that true prayer is a gift from heaven to earth…” ~ Carlo Carretto

How do you receive?