April showers

The peacefulness of spring rain, the warmth of the sun making its way higher in the sky, the earth softening with seeds stirring in its depth, life emerging, yet still hidden.

How do you take notice?


William Dyrness has noted, “Artists, after all, think with their hands and their fingertips, with their eyes and their ears, usually in ways they cannot articulate in words.”

What does the daffodil speak of?


In the spring magic happens all around us. New life emerges from the seemingly barren ground, colors seem brighter, and birds burst forth in song. “Deep hidden springs of magic” as Alfred Noyes wrote.

Are you growing in awareness?

Wondering eyes

On a recent morning I was enjoying my coffee on the porch when I noticed a tree across the street. Forsythia was done blooming, what yellow blooming tree could this be? No tree I discovered as the yellow dots flew away two by two — eight goldfinches!

With what splash of color has nature caught you by surprise?


Spring is the season of unfolding, of reaching for the light of the sun and opening to the nourishing rain. A season for fullness of life and beauty and potential.

What helps you open yourself to your full beauty, to reach your potential?


New life is emerging, pushing through the earth with abandon… bursting forth in lush greens, bright yellows, vibrant pinks and brilliant whites

How is new life emerging in you?