Blue skies and white clouds

Beneath endless horizon

I watch dolphins play

Where do you notice the playfulness of God? How do you join God’s playfulness? What are your ways of being playful?

How we spend our life…

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our life.” Annie Dillard

What items would a still-life of your day include? What items speak of who you are? Is it the morning cup of coffee, the dirty dishes in the sink or the pile of books you keep meaning to read? What items would you like to get rid off? What items would you like to add?

Morning prayer

Joining with God’s work
hands and heart unfolding
I saw it was good

How do we stay heart centered in our work? What work leaves you feeling good in body and spirit?

Digging ones heels…

“America does not honor the quiet work that develops spiritual root systems and community stability. To avoid being swept along by the winds of change and conducting a ministry that is mostly improvisation, one must stubbornly dig one’s heels into the ground”. Eugene Peterson, Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work

I highlighted this quote years ago. Somehow it still speaks to me, yet I yearn for the winds of change and currently ministry is much improvisation.

How does this quote sit with you?