Digging ones heels…

“America does not honor the quiet work that develops spiritual root systems and community stability. To avoid being swept along by the winds of change and conducting a ministry that is mostly improvisation, one must stubbornly dig one’s heels into the ground”. Eugene Peterson, Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work

I highlighted this quote years ago. Somehow it still speaks to me, yet I yearn for the winds of change and currently ministry is much improvisation.

How does this quote sit with you?

One Reply to “Digging ones heels…”

  1. Thank you for your daily breath of fresh art air. I think when you have done the patient work of community building, you can improvise and meet the need of the day. Like playing piano, you learn the scales, different composers and then you can riff off what others have done. God is creator and we are made in God’s creative image, full of inspiration.


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