The weather is getting warmer, spring is in the air beckoning animals to emerge from hibernation. Resources stored in their bodies have been used up over the cold winter months. Spending months asleep they wake rested and hungry.

How will you emerge from covid hibernation? What are you hungry for? How rested are you?

Cross current

Hope is disruptive, counter to dominant wind patterns, interrupting what is mapped—a crosscurrent pushing with creativity and truth in directions that many may think neither possible nor desirable. ~ Mark Labberton

What direction is hope pushing you?


Beauty is all around us, yet so much passes us by because we are too busy, too worried, too tired. Just a few moments settled in our favorite spot can restore us wether we hold a cup of coffee/tea, wrap a colorful quilt around us or feel the warmth of the sun.

What moments restore you?

Practicing hope

“Certain attitudes support [hope]. One is patience, an ability to tolerate delays, a willingness to let events unfold in their own time. The other is courage, an attitude of confidence even when facing the unknown. A third is persistence, the determination to keep going no matter what happens.” ~ Maurice J. Nutt

What supports your hope?


What an amazing thing it would be to have the rhythms of your life regularly usher you into such deep trust that you could actually rest from it all. Who would we be, who would I be, if I trusted like this for twenty-four hours once a week? ~ Ruth Haley Barton

Do you trust enough to rest?

Dream catchers

In the Ojibwe tradition, dream catchers served to catch any negative energies, everything that was potentially harmful was snared in the web, protecting the energies of those sleeping there.

How do you weave a web of protection?