Sometimes we travel and can’t find beauty. We are lost. It was only when my watercolor companions outlined three pictures within my one that the beauty emerged before my eyes.

How do our companions open our eyes?


God’s people spent much of their transforming journey in the wilderness. Sometimes that outer landscape is reflected within us. At other times we can find rest in our soul in the midst of the upheavals around us.

What does your inner landscape look like these days?

Beauty is Oxygen

I inhaled deeply when I heard Bruce Long say “Beauty is Oxygen”. The coronavirus is taking our breath away, literally and figuratively. Do I wonder why I paint when people are dying? What helps us catch our breath these days? How do we breathe deeply the breath of God?

What is the role of beauty?


“Beauty is breathtaking, yes, but it is most evident in the midst of suffering, alienation, exile. Beauty, Fyodor Dostoyevsky said, will save the world.”

The “I am from…” reflections are the gifts we bring to our lives, our community and our world with both their beauty and their brokenness. This season of covid-19 these pieces rise as pain and creativity within us like splatters on the canvas. What do you notice rising within you? Around you?

The Hermitage

I am from The Hermitage 

A barn remodeled

for silent encounters with God 

rustic, beautiful, at peace

people on a journey

formed, held, beloved

called, sent…holy ground

Where and how have you been shaped?

The Hermitage is a retreat center in southern Michigan.