God’s people spent much of their transforming journey in the wilderness. Sometimes that outer landscape is reflected within us. At other times we can find rest in our soul in the midst of the upheavals around us.

What does your inner landscape look like these days?

Resting place …

Living in the uncertainty and unsettledness of these days, struggling with the swirlings of deaths piling up whether of covid-19, accidents, or lynchings…I wonder how much more can we hold, O Lord?

How do you find rest for your soul?

Breathing deeply

I am from Κοβρος – (Cyprus)

stepping off the plane – 

breathing deeply… letting go

ocean blue nourishing the soul

Lebanese Cheese pies in the Ayia Napa Monastery

resting, belonging, connecting

laughter, food, friends

nourishing, sustaining, renewing

What refreshes your soul? When or where do you breathe deeply?