If we do not regularly quit work for one day a week, we take ourselves far too seriously. The moral sweat pouring off our brows blinds our eyes to the action of God in and around us. ~ Eugene Peterson

What is your quitting rhythm?

Time of different quality

“What we really need is a time of a different quality. We need the kind of time that is measured in a yearly round of feasts and fasts…and in a day that ends and begins anew as a line of darkness creeps across the edge of the earth.” ~ Dorothy C. Bass

How do you keep time of a different quality?


A world without a sabbath would be like a [person] without a smile, a summer without flowers, a homestead without a garden. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

How would you describe a world without sabbath?

Free fall

“On the front end, it hurts. Leaving my to-do lists alone. Trusting the universe will continue its forward motion without my intervention. Demonstrating that it is God who sustains me and not my own efforts. Sabbath is like the scary free fall of faith, in microcosm. And it is good for our hearts to practice. It gets easier.” ~ Marcia Lebhar

What might you leave alone?


What an amazing thing it would be to have the rhythms of your life regularly usher you into such deep trust that you could actually rest from it all. Who would we be, who would I be, if I trusted like this for twenty-four hours once a week? ~ Ruth Haley Barton

Do you trust enough to rest?