Snow covered

The snow fell all day long; slowly and continually it covered the ground like a blanket inviting us into its silent beauty. How does it invite you to linger and rest? What practices of warmth and comfort does it draw you to?


In the midst of the barrenness of winter our eyes catch splashes of brightness. Red Cardinals are a joy to behold. They move with purpose, navigating the fine balance of life and death amidst the grey winter clouds, naked trees and cold white snow.

How do you add splashes of color to your days?

Winter invite

“Winter invites me to rest and contemplation, to making time for quiet walks in the few hours of light. The God of winter invites me into a healing rhythm of rest and renewal, of deep listening in the midst of stillness, of trusting the seeds sprouting deep within that have been planted.” ~ Christine Valters Paintner

What invitation do you sense this winter?

The road ahead

Hope and despair, truth and lies, narratives colliding, a country in shambles. How can we grow to see the truth of another person’s lived experience? Wonder what is going on inside them? Stay curious to how the world appears through their eyes? What would it be like to walk in their shoes?

Will we then know the things that make for true peace?