Winter landscape

Winter landscapes have the appearance of death and all the potential of resurrection. The whole mystery and power and glory of life is on display during winter.

How do you lean into that potential?


A major obstacle to creativity is wanting to be in the peak season of growth and generation at all times . . . but if we see the soul’s journey as cyclical, like the seasons . . . then we can accept the reality that periods of despair or fallowness are like winter – a resting time that offers us a period of creative hibernation, purification, and regeneration that prepare us for the births of spring. ~ Linda Leonard, The Call to Create

How do you rest in winter seasons?

Many ways to tell a story

“Take the Christmas story. …we can tell it as a story about darkness giving birth to light, about seemingly endless waiting, and about that which lies at the end of all our waiting… darkness can become the tending place in which our longings for healing, justice, and peace grow and come to birth.” Jan Richardson, Night Visions

How many ways do you tell the story?


Less than half an ounce of fluff and a brain like a treasure map of summer seeds stored in a wide radius. To survive the cold dark nights of winter, the chickadee needs to eat well during the short daylight hours by relying on its memory of seeds stored.

What does your treasure map contain to nurture you during winter seasons?


“As autumn gave way to winter, those bare limbs, stretched black against the sky, revealed the essence of trees and the way that death can open us to the essence of life. I was able to see the trees in a different way and came to appreciate the beauty of sparseness.” Christine Valters Paintner, The Soul’s Slow Ripening

How do you appreciate beauty in sparseness?